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Service dogs assist people who suffer from invisible illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, and most often post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD can afflict people after they have served in combat, worked as a first responder, experienced abuse or harassment, been in a crash, natural disaster and other life-altering events.  These invisible illnesses are not selective as to whom they affect.

Handlers can feel hyper-vigilant and out of control and as their service dog senses the changing in breathing and racing of the heart, it provides the aid required to alleviate the upcoming symptoms.  These dogs assist their handler who live with PTSD every day when they feel a sudden day terror, a panic attack or just lost in time by creating a physical barrier between the handler and others, creating personal space.  Having a service dog to care for forces the handler to also take care of themselves by getting out into the world and getting exercise with their dog.  It helps the handler with their concentration and gives them the focus to be able to multi-task.  Bit by bit these amazing animals return dignity and confidence to the handler and gives a chance at a new life.


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Service Dogs for Veterans and First Responders

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