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Hi, My Name is Kelly Russell, Founder


Over 12 Years of dog training experience.

ICS Dog Obedience/Trainer, Unleashed Potential Professional Dog Trainer Certification, task training, behaviour assessment and modification training are a few qualifications Kelly holds.  Fully qualified in pet First Aid & Emergency First Aid.

Justin Tang for the Winnipeg Free Press

Retired Master Warrant Officer, Kelly Russell proudly served Canada, for 32 years, in the Canadian Armed Forces. Her professional achievements earned her the Order of Military Merit for going above and beyond.  Kelly worked with a Critical Incident Stress Intervention Team during 911.  She was also the Incident Commander on the Disaster Response Team for NATO.  After distinguished service, Kelly was medically released with complexed post traumatic stress disorder and sever concussion syndrome.  She continues to serve by training service dog teams and helping her injured brothers and sisters regain their confidence and dignity through their new best friend.

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